Advanced Encryption Plugin for Explorer

Simple solution

AEPE is the product for users who want simple interface for file encryption encryption operations.

Advanced Encryption Plugin for Windows Explorer is the special extension for standard Windows Explorer and it adds new commands to the context menu: Encrypt, Decrypt, Shred, Create SFX.

It is very simply to use AEPE, just select files you want to encrypt/decrypt or shred and click them by right mouse button:

Encryption plugin for Windows Explorer

Rich Funcionality

AEPE features


Download free 30-day evaluation version of AEPE

The most recent version is 5.70, built on December 28, 2013. Download size: 4.94MB

Buy License of Advanced Encryption Plugin for Windows Explorer

The license code will be sent to you within 15 minutes after purchase. This license code will transform the free evaluation version into the full version.

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